Chase Gallagher
Chinchaga River Hunts 2016
Come out and hunt with us in a remote wilderness area we call the
"Amazon of the North".
The Chinchaga River Valley situated in northwestern Alberta produces some of the finest trophy moose and black bear hunting in all of Canada.

Chinchaga River Hunts is the most experienced guiding and outfitting company in this Northern Alberta Region. As professional outfitters it is our goal to provide our clients with the highest quality hunts, best services and facilities at competitive prices.  Our hunters get the best opportunity to take a moose.  Our trophy is over 50".  Although not all clients take large bulls, Chinchaga River Hunts consistently take some of the largest bulls harvested from the province each year. 

Chase Gallagher is owner and General Manager of Chinchaga River Hunts. 

Chase Gallagher has been a Big Game Hunting Guide and Outfitter for over ten years. Getting his start with Black Bears he quickly moved into Alberta Whitetail and Mule Deer. It wasn't long before the tall and uncut of the mountains started calling his name and at that point he headed North in search of Dall Sheep, Alaska/Yukon Moose and Mountain Caribou in The Northwest Territories. Progressively moving into Northern British Columbia, Saskatchewan, The Yukon and, of course, his home province of Alberta he excelled in all aspects of North American Big Game Hunting. He takes pride in providing each client with the safest, most enjoyable and breathtaking adventures possible. Catering to everyone from sight seeing enthusiasts, mountaineers, veteran hunters and beginners, he can outfit a trip that reflects, perfectly, the view you had for your next adventure. Chase is a strong believer that conservation and promotion of current habitats is the most productive way to sustain wildlife populations world wide. The enduring success of every species and the enjoyment of our clients is the foremost goal on his and everyone else’s list at Chinchaga River Hunts.

At Chinchaga River Hunts we hunt in the northwest portion Alberta Canada. 

Alberta is located in western Canada as seen on the Canada map. Alberta is joined by Montana to the south, British Columbia, Canada to the west, Saskatchewan, Canada to the east, and the North West Territories to the North. Alberta has a population of approximately 2.9 million people with about one third located in metropolitan Edmonton, one third in metropolitan Calgary and the other one third located in smaller cities, towns and rural areas through out the province.

We hunt in WMU524 which is located 450 miles northwest of Edmonton, Alberta, or 150 miles northwest of Peace River, Alberta along the banks of the Chinchaga River.  This is a very remote area and offers offers unequalled Moose hunting.  Trophy Bulls will die in this area having never been seen by human eyes.

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We take great pride in offering our hunters an opportunity at quality bulls, and to offer an unequaled hunting experience. 

To ensure that future generations can enjoy our industry, we believe in sound game management practices with minimal footprint to the environment.