Bob Freelend     Trish Freelend
Danny Neil, OR
Seen something black that was too big to be a moose but backed up to take a better look. It was a moose with a very nice 49 rack.
Ron Harris, OR
Nice 46 moose to take home for Ron one of our veteran hunters Monte (L) Ron (R)
Here are some of our pictures from 2007 to 2013 hunts

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Ron Kendall, OR
Called moose and a wolf came out for Rod. Took his moose on the way back to camp.
Don Miller, WA
A great week in camp with Don and hunting partner John. Nice 37 moose on day two of the hunt and proud winner of the Crown Royal for 1st moose in camp. Don (L) John (R)
Jack Semmons, AZ
Ready to head in and thought they better check one last area. Sure enough there was a moose and he answered the call. Came into 140 yards and Jack had his moose
Texanna Caset-Thompson, WA
Found a nice bull at 11:00 AM on day two. With a bottle of Crown Royal riding on first moose in camp, Tex was sure it was hers. When they got back to camp they found Don Miller was in with his moose he got at 9:00 AM. Tex came up to hunt on her own where her Dad, Dick had come for so many years. His presence was felt and we are sure he was very proud of his daughter.
Craig Wilkins, WI
First Moose hunt for Craig. Nice 46 to take home and memories of a great adventure with his Dad Dale. Craig (L) Dan (R)
Brian Clark, OR
First moose hunt for Brian. Called moose into 40 yards and one shot took him. The big one got away.
Dale Wilkins, WI
Called moose on to line and one 170 yard shot dropped him. Dale (L) Craig (R)
Richard Crawford, TX
First day out Richard had his moose. Seen lots of Bear but no tag. A pleasure to host Richard and wife Judy at our Main Camp.
Jim Enderson, CO & Hal Holder, CO
(Right)Dr. Jim Enderson from Colorado Springs CO. author of Peregrine Falcon ~ Stories of the Blue Meanie  A repeat customer, 2002,2004,2006,2008 booked for 2010 An absolute pleasure to host.
(Left)Mr. Hal Holder  from Rocky Ford, CO is also one of our favourite guests. Hal has left his mark with the landscape and some great Mexican recipes at our Keg River Camp. Much appreciated.
Texanna Thompson-Casey, WA
Her moose taken the very last minute of the last hour of the last day of her hunt. Her Dad Dick introduced her to our camps and this is her third trip and third moose. Dad watched from above.
Dean Kutsch, OR
Dean has been up to our camp several times. Right out of moose meat, this nice fellow couldn't have been better.
Tim Linster, WA & Oliver Orcutt, OR
Hunted hard for this nice meat animal. Tim's and wife Maryanne's second time with us and second moose. Oliver and wife Janelle's first time to Chinchaga were a pleasure to host.
Steve Burnett, WA & Jody Maddox, WA
Steve and Kay's second time hunting with us and his first moose. Nice 51" European Mount will look pretty good hanging at the cabin at Long Beach. Jody and wife Debbie left camp early with medical problems.
Trish the cook/guide and Donna Kutsch from Donald OR with the moose that walked into camp!
Kutsch - 3 generations with their three moose
Left to right, front row Brian, Brayden and Dean Kutsch Back row Baily,Lori and Donna Kutsch.
The Kutsch gang was a pleasure as always. Dean and Donna have been up several times and are now bringing the kids and grandkids .A great crew and great memories. Nothing to this moose hunting, hey Dean?

Rod Kendall - Portland OR
A late night for Rod and Pat as this one was across 3 beaver damns. Rod is a veteran Chinchaga hunter that is always up for the challenge.

Brayden Kutsch - Oregon City, OR
First time hunting in Canada and for moose,17 year old Brayden did a fine job . It doesn't get any better for us. It is so good to see this generation fit into the hunting world so well.

Dick Wheelhouse - Goldendale WA
(L) His wolf - Chinchaga AB, (C) Bob Lee -  Goldendale, WA(R) 
It was an absolute pleasure to have Dick and Bob in camp. Dick has been with us many times in the past. Bob's first time and can now relate to Dick's hunting

John Lund - Montesano, WA
A great friend made a great shot. It took awhile, but was well worth the wait for an experience that won't soon be forgotten.
Don Miller - Cosmopolis, WA Don (L) Bob (C) John (R)
Veteran hunter Don got his moose at dusk but nice and close to camp. Jamie the cook's quote "John and Don are the nicest fellows I have ever cooked for in the four years with us"

Jim Schmitz - Vancouver WA Jim (L) guide Dan (R)
It has been a few years since Jim and Pam have joined us but their freezer was getting low. Always a pleasure and glad they have moose again for Pam's excellent moose dishes.
Patrick Pemberton - Eagle Creek, OR
Quote " Best hunt ever, shot my bull in a beaver pond at 7:00 PM, got back to camp at 4:15 AM and supper was ready". It was our pleasure to host Pat.
Patrick Pemberton - Eagle Creek OR
Nice bear to start his first time hunting with us.
Brian Kutsch - Washoe, NV , Brian (L) wife Lori (R)
Brain and Lori brought their daughter Bayley up to camp as well. A great vacation for all of them and a great experience for Lori to be with Brian when he got his moose. Lori came very close to bagging hers too.
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Kevin McCllelan - Washougal, WA
There is a campfire story to go with this young moose taken. A 50+" watched on while the boys dressed out this 27" tender fellow.
Randy Krout - Camas, WA
This moose was taken only 20 minutes from camp on the first day. Everything about it was easy. One good shot at 20 yards and Randy had this nice 35 "down.
David Lemmon - Camas, WA Guide Roger (L) David (R)
The last day out and David took this attack moose. (Another campfire story) Anyway, David came into camp to fulfill a bucket list wish and we are sure he will look back on the Wild Chinchaga and guide Roger with fond recollections. He took a half horn moose.
Don Miller - Cosmopolis, WA Hunting partner John (L), Don (R)
Don took this nice 54 "that was called out onto the line 80 yards away. This was Don's 5th trip and 5th moose taken with us over the past 10 years.
John Lund - Montesano, WA.
John came onto this 45" on a lease and one good shot took him down. John has also been with us 5 times in 10 years. Always a please to have him in camp.
Joe Hawley - Normand, ID
First trip with us and a real pleasure to host at 82 years young. He has inspired us all to remain fit and keep active. His moose was called from 400 yards in to 50 yards. 31" moose and a great experience.
Deb Maddox - Patterson, WA Deb(L) Jody (R)
Deb's second trip with us and she scored a 36" first day out. It is always a treat having Deb in camp to share recipes and enjoy her great sense of humor.
Jody Maddox - Patterson, WA
Jody's third trip to Chinchaga but first time into the Keg Camp. This 58" trophy was taken while Deb's moose was being taken to pickup point for the meat shop. We seem to have too much fun when Deb and Jody come to camp.
Burke Freelend - Stony Plain, Alberta, CA  Bo(L)
For our grandson Burke's birthday, he was given the 22 that Bob had as a youngster. First day he hit the targets three in a row so his Dad took him hunting. First grouse and no mistaken, he had him with one shot. We believe we have a natural born hunter.
Chinchaga River Hunts 2018
Dominique Ruybal - Woodville, WA
Nice 36" bull called in 15 yards away. What a thrill. One easy shot.
Dan Kellogg - Snohomish, WA
Three minutes after calling you could hear the bull coming. He came in 20 yards away but all you could see is horns. It seemed like an eternity before a clear shot could be made. Hunter Dan's quote " I've been hunting 4 times and never shooting a moose, Chinchaga did it." Dan took 2013 trophy 51 inch spread.
Kris Hoople - Stanwood, WA
One perfect shot @200 yards. The rut was on! Another bull called after Kris's bull was down.
Brent Johansen - Marrysville, WA
What a rush. The bull came crashing through brush 20 yards away. Dan the guides comments.  "Great Hunt, Great Guys, Great Bull !"
Bob Poster - Warren, OR
Came on to two bulls and a cow across the river, Stalked them up to 80 yards. One shot and bob had his winters meat.
Andrew Palioca - Nampa, ID
Great Hunting. Started calling up top of the river banks and continued down to the water's edge. This nice 38 " came out 50 yards away. One great shot.
Dean and Jane Samons Lake Havasu and McDonough, GA
Dean has a lot of trade tickets but he can now boast of his Journeyman Argo Navigation Ticket too. A real pleasure to share our Wild Chinchaga with Dean and Jane.
Dean Samons Lake Havasu City, AZ (R) Bob guide (L)
After seeing 3 bulls with no clear shot they came on to a nice 48" pushing a 32" around. Having taken a 54" in 2005 Dean took the 34" meat animal. Heading back to camp witnessed 3 wolves after a cow moose and one great shot got Dean his wolf pelt too. Great Day!
Keg Camp Guests and Crew
front L to R guest Brent, guide Dan, guest Kris back row cooks Rob& Linda, guest John, guide Roger, & guest Brad, (Johns grandson).

Ken Mangle - Newfield NY (R)  Bob guide (L)
We got from 400 yards to 120 yards with a moose on each side of the cutline. After a bit of confusion on who's on left and who's on right Ken made one great shot with his black powder!

Bob Poster - Warren, OR,
Heading back to camp with moose came onto a real nice 6'6'' black bear. After making sure there were no cubs 1 shot and 1scope bite, Bob had a bear worth taking.

Joe Hawley - Nordman, ID
Second consecutive trip into Keg Camp for Joe. Second day of hunt and one perfect shot they were back to camp by noon with the meat on the poles. A great rest of week was spent wolf and grouse hunting.