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Chinchaga River Hunts 2015
Here are some of our pictures from 1999 to 2007 hunts

Check out our current pictures for great trophys harvested on our most recent hunts.

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Kevin McClennan, WA                                                        2006
It doesn’t always pay to turn moose down but it did for Kevin. With everyone else tagged out both guides were able to work together to bring this dandy bull in for Kevin.

Dave Rathburn, WA                                                           1999
This 50"er was the hunt & Trophy he was looking for.
Lance Offenbacher, OR                                                      2006
Very exciting for Lance to have this nice one come on to the line 36 yards away.

Harold Gor                                                                             1998
With guide Randy and his beautiful bull.

Andy Bennet, OR                                                                  2005
Last day of the hunt so the pressure is on. 120 yards away is 2 cows and a bull. One shot from the sniper and Andy had meat for the freezer and a 46” wall hanger.

John Offenbacher, WY                                                          2006
(L- Josh, R-John)  This hunting is too easy. Come on to bull looking at them on the line so they took him

Jamie Schmitz, WA                                                               2006
Nice to get things over with right away. First day in, 20 minutes from camp and the groups first moose was down.
Paul Bennet, OR                                                                   2005
Through a window in the brush you could see the bull. The 308 barked and Paul adds another notch to his rifle stock.

Wynn Halverson, CO                                                           2002
Great 41" for Wynn's second trip to Chinchaga
Mel Culvey, PA                                                                      2002
First moose for Mel and the trophy for Chinchaga's 2002 season. Nice 53" taken at 125'
Mike White, NE                                                                     1999
1st moose hunt, 1st moose.  Some people say "good ole Mike" Lyle says "_ _ _ _ Mike
Brian Schuler, WA                                                           1998
Saw 3 bulls on the way in & took this big one! # 4 this year!
Jim Schmitz, WA                                                                     2006
Pretty exciting to have a bull, cow and calf all talking and come into 60 yards. 2006 trophy goes to Jim with this nice 58”er
Dick & Jeff Marshall, OR                                                     1998
# 1 this year!
Pam Schmitz, WA                                                                  2003
Our 2003 trophy was bagged by this avid hunter and outdoors woman. Heard the moose call in the Chin River near camp and guide Brad calls and turns him back. Brads quote ~ "Pam makes one awesome shot in the neck with her 30-06 and the bull drops dead in the river" Then the fun began for Brad as he encountered the chilly Chinchaga waters. A great evening for everyone. 53 inches with a 7 inch tine broke off of one side. Great trophy!
Ron Harczo, WA                                                                     1998
This bull was "King of the Hill" for 1998 Early Hunts. # 3 this year!
Genaro Gonzalez, MX                                                          2002
Quote "reconfirmed "Best Outfitter in Canada". We thank you Genaro for your kind words and we are grateful that you got burnt in a previous experience in Canada.   Seriously, Genaro and Roger passed up 5 bulls before taking this nice 40". It is always a pleasure for all of us when we host our friends from the far south.
Dean Samons Jr, AZ                                                            2005
It was last minute that Dean booked this hunt. He was convinced that he would go home empty handed as the whole year had been bad luck hunting and fishing stories. Dean’s 4th trip with us and he took the trophy of the year home with him. First day out at 11:30 in the morning. Skill and cunning or luck??? Guess it doesn’t much matter. A nice 54” for last moose of the year.
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