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Check out our past pictures for great trophys harvested from 2008 to 2013
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Chinchaga River Hunts 2018
Jan Buske - 42" Bull
Drove to a beautiful spot, to walk to the lake. We were about 50 yards into our walk when a bull let out a loud grunt. The guide (Josh) sees a bull moose standing on the tree line. When he let out a call, the bull came in on the high trot. Guide kept grunting and going back. The moose came out on the line at 30 yards when Jan let shot him. He ran into the bush 20 yards, they shot again. He went another 20 yards and then dropped. Husband Walt was along for the excitement. First day of the hunt!
Karl Storjohann - 42 1/4"
Drove to a spot the guide had scouted out at primetime..... 5:30. We stopped and called twice on a lease, when a bull came out of the bush with his nose on the ground. We were tucked behind some willows so the hunter didn't have a shot. The guide (Josh) said to wait... he would turn him. He started grunting, he was coming perfect. Then boom Karl put one in front of the shoulder. He ran so Karl gave him one more. The moose started stumbling and then fell. Shot him at 70 yards...a hunt he will never forget he said.
Don J. Bradley - 40 1/2"
Cow crossed the line. The guided (Chris) stopped the argo and told the hunter there was probably a bull with her. Chris called twice when a bull came down the trail maybe 60 yards in front of us. Came right towards us, Don shot while he was still walking. He made it only a few yards into the bush off the trail. One killing shot!
Will Friesen - 36 1/2"
Four days on riding in the argo and then suddenly after rounding a bend in the trail, a cow was standing on the line. She moved off into the poplars and there appeared two more moose. A small spike and a nice bull. Shots fired and then the work began. Thanks to the help of Chris and Glen who came from Keg camp, Dan and I were back in camp for dinner by 11pm. Cook Judy had a beautiful hot supper kept warm for when we got back, to top off the great day.
Kayla Ann Pardue - Black Bear
Kayla and husband Zachary were out hunting for a moose. Driving down a cut line when they stumbled across a black bear eating blueberries. Guide (Dale) stopped the argo and pointed out the bear. It ran about 35 yards. We jumped out of the argo.. hunter Kayla made a beautiful shot 45 yards away. The bear ran into the bush 20 yards and fell. Hunters were very happy with the kill!
Zachary Pardue - Timber Wolf
Lucky to have got a decent grey Wolf that was spotted by guide (Dale.) We were out looking for a moose. We had just floated a beaver pond when we came over a knoll. Guide Dale locked eyes with a grey wolf standing on a berm pond at about 120 yards. The hunters couldn't see the wolf right away so we walked to about 80 yards. The wolf didn't move once from the start to the end when the hunter made a nice shot. Exciting day to bring a wolf back to camp!
Byron Lacey - 40 bull
After Byron and Eddie were entertained by a young bull for half an hour they decided to move on for a better sized animal. They spotted black at about 1000 yards away and were able to idle up to about 400 yards before it stepped off the cut line. Ed was set up at a vantage point to watch if the bull crossed the line. Roger let out a called and this guy was all over it. Full gallop till the 40 yard shot was taken. What a great day of hunting.!
Ray Whitney - Black Bear
Pretty exciting when Ray, Dale and Dan spotted this fellow about 200 yards away on the lease. One precise shot by Ray and the job was done. No tracking required. Ray and Dale are always a pleasure at camp.
Dean Samons - Lake Havasu City, AZ. Guide Dan
So just get the gun out of the case. The rest of the story remain at Dan's swamp. Buddy Scott along for the adrenalin rush and was not disappointed. Very nice 44" moose for Dean who is batting 100%. 8 for 8 trips!
Doug Forsberg - Ridgefield WA. Guide Chris
Doug's first trip with us and it was a great one. Vern got to witness his son Doug take this amazing 43"er.
Marty Johnson - Bark River MI. Guide Chris
Last day, last hour and at 65 yards away Marty had meat for the freezer. Nice 33.5 " Marty took his second moose for his second trip with us. His wife Diane was a pleasure and good help in camp. Marty inspired us all.
Vern Forsberg - Ridgefield WA. Guide Chris
Nothing like getting the job done in a day. Vern took his nice meat animal same day as his son Doug.
Now the crib games could get serious! Wonderful family to host at Keg. Dennis Forsberg - Washougal WA. - Guide Lyle
Dennis has been up several times with us as he is buddy of guide Lyle. They go back to the 90's to a fishing boat in Bristol Bay. Always a pleasure having Dennis around and can't wait to host him and his son.
Glen Visser - Hines Creek Alberta. Guide Bob
So we made a pact that each of our hunting grand children would have one opportunity to hunt from camp when they came of age. At 14 years old our grandson Glen took this nice 55" right near camp. With no backup and three shots his dream came true. What a rush for him and Grandpa Bob.
Dale Sherman, Albion, PA, Leroy Mooney, Albion, PA, Ray Whitney, Bloomingburg, OH, & Ray Camp, West Springfield, PA at Keg Camp.
It was a very tough hard hunt for this group. No moose meat but not from lack of hunting hard. Dale got a nice wolf to take home. Real hunters.
Dale Sherman, Albion, PA
Dale Sherman's finished product. That dog looks much better at Dale's cabin than at Camp.
Tim and Steve Rapkowicz, Pitsfield, MA
Guides Dan and Roger, Jamie and Eric, and first time hunters Tim and Steve Rapkowicz from Pitsfield, MA, at Keg Camp."
Eric Lingo and Jamie Schmitz, Vancouver, WA
Eric Lingo and Jamie Schmitz with nice meat animal. It was a wedding gift from Jamie's folks to come hunt with us. Always a pleasure to host.
Tim and Steve Majors, New Salem ND and Spring Valley MD with guides Chris and Dave.
First time moose hunters. Steve made a great 200 yard shot. Tim got to experience the moose coming into the rut call. 3 hours of calling when 2 cows came in followed by the bull. The rest is history. Tim got a nice black bear to take home too.
Ron Eggleston and wife Suzie from Meridian, CA
Ron Eggleston and wife Suzie from Meridian, CA and their nice 32" bull. They were both a pleasure to host.
Dick Wheelhouse from Goldendale, WA.
10th trip to our camps. He brought his son Rich and grand kids Chelsey and Chad.
Scott Weinbender, Forest Grove, OR, Clint Martz, Happy Valley OR, Chad Williamson, Hillsboro OR, Tug Cox, Toutle WA
They came up in November to brave the temperatures. It paid off as they went home a day early with 4 moose and some great hunting and camp stories.
Robert Blanchard, Oak Harbour, WA
Robert Blanchard joined us along with his wife Tracey and son Matthew from Oak Harbour WA. Great week starting with this grey wolf.
Robert Blanchard, Oak Harbour, WA
Robert and his nice 32" that was called into 16 yards.
Loretta Morgan, Enumclaw WA
Loretta hunted hard all week. On the way to the pickup point this young bull was spotted at 70 yards. It was a bit of a panic to get it butchered and on the road but all worth it. Lorrie has donated some of her amazing moose art drawings for camp.
Cook Judy and watch dog Skiddels, Guides Brad & Roger, Rod Hoople, Gord Bogdan, Kris Hoople & Brent Johansen.
100% great week.
Marty Johnson, Bark River, MI
Marty Johnson with guide Chris and nice 30" moose. Chris called this guy in and Marty took him down. Doesn't get any better.
Kimberly Lanyon and partner John Lyren, Mancos CO
Kimberly Lanyon and partner John Lyren with Kim's nice one horn meat animal. A pleasure to host. These two are truly up for high adventure.
Rod Hoople, Arlington, WA
Rod took this nice 45" at 375 yards. His son Kris had been up in 2013 and needed to bring his Dad this time to share in the adventure.
Gordon Bogdan, Woodinville, WA
Gordon with guide Roger (L). He took his 34" about an hour and a half into tending to Rods moose.
Kris Hoople, Stanwood, WA with hunting buddy Brent(L)
Their second trip with us. Guide Brad called this guy in from 400 to 100 yards.
Brent Johansen, Marysville, WA
Brent with guide Brad (L). They had to slash a quarter mile trail to get this guy loaded. All part of the adventure.